babykid drama :: Dr. Seuss Day and nothing to wear..

our babykid, Millie… y’all ..

well.. she woke up this morning.. after just a minute and starting wailing.. crying..

this is not unusual.. I said.. “what’s up, Mil?”

“it is Dr. Seuss Day!!!!” i know this because i have two packages of thinly sliced ham in the refrigerator to go with the green food coloring and eggs other moms are sending in.. damn not getting the “napkins and plates” in time!!… so I say.. “yeup! your ham is in the refrigerator, we are set!”

“noooooo.. i don’t have ANYTHING Dr. Seuss… no Cat in the Hat shirts… no Thing 1 shirts, no blue fish.. NO SNEETCHES”…

never with my other kids would I have said, “hey.. it’s okay.. we can make one”..

what the hell? why.. ? so.. at 6:50AM I sat down and we found png files of Sneetches.. YESSSSSS!!!!

more tears.. “see… the star.. ?? well…. I wanted a pink STAR.. i’ve always wanted it to be a PINK STAR”…

look.. we JUST JUST two minutes before thought of this idea.. but… suddenly.. it’s been her entire life desire to have a tshirt with a Sneetch with a PINK STAR UPON THARS…..

so… i… changed the freaking star..

and she’s one happy babykid..

good LORD help me.. this kid.. she has my number

but doesn’t she look so super cute in her Pink Star Sneetch Tshirt?

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