St. Johns County Teacher :: A special Thank You!

For you teachers/paras/media center/nurses anyone who works for the St. Johns County School District. I can not say THANK YOU enough!

So.. for those who teach in the St. Johns County School district here in Florida… here is my way of saying Thanks!.. if you wouldn’t mind sharing it that would be AWESOME.. PLUS, If you do share, I’ll give you a lovely $50 credit toward any prints or future session you may want to book!

The session must be BOOKED this week… we can schedule the session at any point this year.  My family sessions are normally $800.  You get all of your digital images from your edited session.. No strings attached!!

and for all of you in other districts/counties/states… this one is for you… same deal – share the post/refer some one and you’ll get $50 print credit/or credit toward a future session..


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Thank you, Teachers!!

I volunteered in my oldest daughter’s Kindergarten classroom one year.  Once every two weeks.  She is 12 now.  I have NEVER volunteered IN a classroom again.. I send money, gift cards, extra money for kids who may have had a parent forget, supplies, snacks… I’ll cut box tops, I will take pictures of the graduating 5th graders from the top of your school’s roof, I will make food for class parties.. but dear Lord, do not make me set foot in a classroom again.. I do not know how all these wonderful people do it!!!!

I know family photos is something we all love.. and I also know – it is not an affordable thing to do..  teachers use so much of their spare time/money/resources on OUR kids.. on MY kids.. I know pretty much everyone that works in the schools gives a heck of a lot more than they get (monetarily) out of it.. so.. as a little thank you.. I’d like to offer a “I could not do what you do and I am ever so grateful that you do what you do so I don’t have to do it” special. (i also have very few grammar/spelling cares in the world)

For the month of MAY.. if you are a someone who works in a K-12 school.. public or private.. I’d like to offer this….

the session may be held at any time through the 2018 year – but needs to be booked by the end of May.. for IMMEDIATE FAMILIES up to 5 family members.

This session comes with:

ALL your digital files, an 11×14 from and two 5×7’s from your session.

Please share this if it is something you are interested in or if you know someone who might be.

I will be traveling to:

Central Michigan and Northern Michigan this Summer – Late June/early July..

Greenville, SC – June and July

Southwest Virginia – Sept 7th for a long weekend (and possibly another weekend later in October)

Augusta Georgia – Mid-October

*all dates will be set soon!

This week, I will also have a little something special for St. Johns County, FL teachers (because they are dealing with MY children daily).. a give away of sorts.. so be on the look out for that!




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on a school night

When we started talking about moving to Florida a few years ago the main reason was to be closer to family.  Where we’ve moved to is about 45 minutes from Tom’s parents.. It quite seriously is Over the River and through the Woods to Grandmothers house..

yesterday after school the girls wanted to go to Grams house and go swimming and have dinner.. After a couple hours in the pool the girls got out and made brownies…

Abby kept saying “I can’t believe we just can come of over to Grams and Grandpa’s house AFTER school for a couple hours!!”  Exactly.. it’s just really cool

a non-rushed evening with Grams…

after dessert we headed home.. the light was so pretty.. we had the windows down, singing loud.. just a gorgeous evening.. I spied a gorgeous spot of wildflowers on the side of the road..

I took a class in college and it was basically just this.. stopping on the side of the road and picking wildflowers and keying them out to find the genus and species.. it was by far my favorite class in college.. Emily, our middle girl, loves wildflowers just like me.. and we could spend hours looking for wildflowers.

I was so disappointed that I didn’t have my good camera.. I just had my cell phone… it was killing me!

there are so many gorgeous places and unique places and buildings to take pictures of here.. I am going to start keeping my good camera with me more!

We got a good sampling of wildflowers.. a few fragrant, a couple with thorns..

it was the perfect ending to the evening.. Emily, our 10 year old, is having a difficult time adjusting to the new school.. She always makes friends so easily, but hasn’t found her place in her classroom really… it has been making her quite sad lately.. last night, she was happy.. happy happy.. swimming.. hanging out with Grams.. and wildflower hunting.. it was great.. it gave us all a great opportunity to talk about how much we miss our friends.. how much we really do love it here.. how hard it all is, but how wonderful it is too..



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a photo walk with my daughter :: St. Augustine

one gorgeous day a few weeks ago, my 12 year old daughter asked if I’d take her to St. Augustine to take pictures so she could learn how to use the camera..

what??  uh.. this is the day I didn’t even know I was waiting for!!!  I was so excited.. I love spending one-on-one time with my kids – and DUDE.. she wants to do something that I LOVE… walking around taking pictures of old stuff!!!  I had to ditch my 3 other kids, so I texted my Mother in Law – who thankfully lives 45 minutes away from us now – and dropped the other kids off.. Abby and I headed down to St. Augustine.

i teach people how to use their cameras all the time.. I taught classes when we lived in Wichita at the local rec center for a couple years.. i love it.. but.. i am NOT good at teaching MY kids..  so I decided to just teach her how I do the people who sign up for  my classes.. I gave her a camera.. and we started walking.. i even gave her my FAVORITE lens.. the 24-70 L 2.8… sigh.. i love that lens.. especially for what we were doing that day..

y’all.. i knew in that moment I’d reached a level in parenting I feared I never reach.. my 12 year old was carrying around MY favorite lens.. i was putting my KID before me.. well.. almost.. i didn’t give her the good camera body… damn it.. so close..

then we walked.. she saw things she wanted to take a picture of, we stopped.. i’d ask her what she liked about the pic, she’d tell me.. ask her what she didn’t like.. and I would show her how to try to adjust things.. and then she would.. and then i would challenge her to do something else with the element we were working… and she would..

like.. for instance..

she spied this little beauty peeking out over the top of a wall…

that was her first pic..  and well, it wasn’t good.. i watched her face as she looked at the back.. i said, “can i see?”  she showed me.. and i said.. “cool, what do you like about it.. “.. there wasn’t a lot.. and she thought she just wasn’t good at taking pics.. and started to walk on.. so i asked her what she was hoping it would look like.. she’d wanted to showcase the flower (obviously)..  so I showed her how to use the focal point selection – how to lock in the focus.. and recompose the image.. and then she took a couple more..

and then told her to get some of the wall in the image – and center the flower..

she nailed it!

and then.. now JUST the wall in focus..

she was hooked then!   i just followed her around.. watched her face as she looked at what she’d shot..


and smiled when she would adjust her position to get a different angle

she felt like she was getting an idea of the focal point.. THEN she took a picture of this door.. because the door was awesome..

the light was getting really warm – late in the day.. golden hour kinda sun..

and my proud momma ears heard her say “hm.. that door doesn’t quite look like the right color”…

GUYS.. there are so many photographers that CHARGE PEOPLE MONEY.. that don’t realize their white balance is off..

i wanted to cry.. big proud mom tears.. but i pushed through.. and we had a fun discussion about white balance.. and girl got this..

the real color of the door..

so proud..

she took these too.. practicing her Depth of Field.. and messing with the White Balance

and then saw these..

and then i edited them.. and I’m going to print them for her.. because – they are so cool!


i’m going to send her a bill for my awesome mentoring and editing skillz..


eeeek.. a new website…

please excuse any hiccups with this new site – it has been a long couple of months for me as I’ve had to learn a lot of new things to get this baby up and running!

the old website (and 10 years of old blogging) has been purged.. it was time.. it was cumbersome.

a fresh start.. in our new home.. in a new state..

ALL four kids are in school full time.. the husband has a new position with his company where he doesn’t travel nearly as much AND I have in-laws near that can help out when he does travel.. So I’m pretty excited to be able to have time to work again – and not just remodeling our pink house!

yes.. PINK.. but it has a great fishing hole..

Last year I was only able to take ONE trip to photograph.. and it was a short one.. I’m looking at October for travel dates to Southwest Virginia – I’ll likely be there for 3-5 days – needing some input from clients to nail those dates down (if you’ll still have me!).  Also hoping to go to Augusta, Georgia the weekend of October 13th.

ok.. off to make sure this site is set up properly..