wee little Mae and Piper…. {st. johns studio mini sessions}

it has been a while since I’ve had wee little babes in front of my camera..

honestly, this age is a favorite… just before they are mobile – when they are sitting up and have wonderful little personalities.. and these two were perfect little models for me a couple weeks ago..

These two came over…. Mae and Piper.. and Mae’s mom, Becky..

we took pics of Mae first because Miss Piper is a little more curious and was quite unsure of me at the beginning..

and.. then.. it turned out Miss Mae.. well, she had reservations too..

but… i love that shot.. her rolls.. and her little thoughts just obviously going through her mind..

“what is going on?  who is this lady?  WHY IS SHE SO LOUD??”

and then.. we clicked.. and she totally got me..

I loved her little full body smile..

while Miss Mae did a quick wardrobe change, Miss Piper got her turn.. and guess.. what.. clearly, she heard good things about me.. and she was on her game right away..

Piper is very curious.. every sound.. every movement – she was on it!.. she was so chill and calm..

with gorgeous little eyelashes….

then i told her to look to her left.. and gaze outside..

no… ok.. not really..  there was movement outside.. and Miss Piper HAD to see what was going on!

Mae was ready to go again.. We took a few more pictures..

and.. then..

she’d had enough.. but oh.. man.. i love her little expressions!!!

and her little TOES!!

I have a few more to share with their moms later..  so glad they stopped over!

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Jessica… a mini session just for her.. {St. Johns Photographer}

Jessica found me on Facebook and booked a mini session last weekend.  Most of the time I shoot families.. or couples.. sometimes Seniors..

she wanted a session of just her..  i was super excited about that..  something a bit different…

Honestly, I am not sure I’ve had this much creative fun in such a short time in a long time.

Jessica had a real ease about her – she’s very easy to talk to – very open.. and just well, she’s just lovely.

She took direction like a pro.. and didn’t think I was crazy when I had her walk around my house as I directed her…

LOVE this in Black and White.. she’s stunning..

she didn’t even think I was crazy when i said.. we are going to use the dapply light and my pink walls..

and I’m so glad she trusted me.. not only just to book off of Facebook, but especially with the lighting and background choices..

That last one is GORGEOUS.. it’s like… one of my favorite images.. EVER..

Thanks Jess!  I’ll finish up your mini gallery shortly!!

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Everyday Mini sessions … and Holiday themed too..

so.. check it..


so..  here’s the deal.. I have a screened patio that gets the  most AMAZING indirect light.. making it perfect to do quick/mini sessions really any time!!

at the end of this post there is a link to easily sign up..

the realllly cool thing about this.. I can change the set up quickly.. SO.. if say, you don’t want Chrismassy looking pics.. let me know.. and we can do…


OR.. just a gorgeous pic of your kid..

or a slightly accurate facial expression session…

or happy teenager..  yep.. i’m that good.. i can get a happy/shy teenager picture!!

or..  we can do those above and switch out to some Christmassy scene!!


it’s exciting..

back to Non-themed.. just pretty.. and a little sass..

oh.. and maybe sweetness..

and gorgeous light.. did I mention.. GORGEOUS light!!!???

I’ve set many October and November dates and times up here… http://signup.com/go/UjnWmts… or you can email me at nicholle@nichollegoodnightphotography.com to inquire..

(for two people at one time.. add $25 per extra kid/dog/cat)

Book by Oct. 28 to get 48 Custom Designed Cards

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Downtown Augusta, Georgia with the Milburns and their extended family

I’ve been photographing this gorgeous family for quite a few years.. Since Emma was 4?  or 3?  I can’t remember exactly.. before her brother Jack.. Before her braces..

This year they wanted more of an urban setting.. and Downtown Augusta was PERFECT for this huge crew..

I started with Emma.. who is now taller than me…

it was incredibly difficult to get her to be serious.. she kept breaking out in a real genuine smile..

we were having a fun time.. if i do say so myself..

she takes direction amazingly well now.. I mean.. she’s a pro..

next was her lil brother, Jack..

very serious..

but a great listener.. and no longer a wiggly little boy..

after a bit.. he got comfortable with me again.. and his mischievousness was visible just behind those handsome eyes…

the alley I chose the night before for this session (yep.. me and my bff, Cathleen, cruisin around Downtown Augusta on Saturday night in my beat up Honda Odyssey Minivan with Florida plates).. anyway.. this alley.. was PERFECT.. the inside of the windows was painted the same wine color Emily chose to accent the session with!!!  (that was possibly the worst run-on, horrible grammar sentence of my life)

Then we added Keith and Emily..

and then then Emily’s parents, and Emily’s sister and brother in law.. and their pup, Kylee..

i mean really,  I could never have chosen a better background for their session if I could have planned the color palette Emily chose.

there was also a great empty lot in between a couple of other buildings that begged to be photographed with a family..

We got rid of the rest of the family (they went to dinner) and got a few of Kylee and her people..

I enjoy seeing them each time.. Matt and Farrah are great.

and their Kylee.. well, she’s just a little loved.

never has graffiti been more fitting..

As always, this session turned out simply perfectly.. Emily and her family are wonderful and I so enjoy seeing them each time!

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Noah, Avery and Aidan… an Augusta, Georgia session..

Last weekend I went up to Augusta, Georgia to take some photos.  I’ve been traveling every weekend for the last month.  I wasn’t really looking forward to being gone from home again.  But let me tell you, a weekend with good friends was just what this girl needed.  My super long-time friends, Chase and Cathleen, always let me stay with them when I come to Augusta.  I’ve known them for 20 years.  They are family to me.. and I certainly do make myself at home… and they make coffee for me.. and let me take naps with out judging..

it was a much needed weekend of rest and laughing and eating (possibly a beverage or two).. and then a couple sessions just at the end!

this time, I took over their youngest babe Noah’s room.. Lego superhero sheets and all!  After spending three days with Noah by the time we took pictures, we were getting along really well… he was almost talking to me… almost…

no.. really.. he did really well.. and probably would have hung out with me for a bit longer..

those eyes!!!  they are gorgeous pools of darkness…

the front porch is so pretty at their new home.. if you know four year old boys, you know how difficult this shot was to time!!

now.. Avery.. light blue eyes.. gorgeous skin.. and I swear she has a confidence and ease about her that I envy..

there really wasn’t a shot that wasn’t great.. a perfect little model..

Their oldest, Aidan, is ever patient with me.. He a really sweet, very polite young guy..  and he just so happens to love the same foods I love.. so we get to go out to great places to eat together when I’m in town..

handsome, and getting quite tall!

and totally had a million other things he would rather be doing, but he powered through the pics with out a complaint!

we did a few with all three of them.. wrangling Noah.. Noah and his little lip snarl he gives me…

i love this one of Avery..  of all of them.. but i love Avery in it.. I feel like she has something to say to me.. a knowing little smirk..

i love these kids.. i love this family.. i’m so glad i got to get them in front of the camera this time.. AND .. now that we live so close – I get to see them more!!!