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It’s trendy to make people all peachy colored and mute the pictures.. that’s just not my style.. it’s beautiful.. don’t get me wrong. .but.. in 10 years.. i want to look back and see the true color of my kids eyes/hair/shirt.. It totally has it’s place.. and sometimes, I feel like an image needs an edit like that.. or a black and white tone to it.. but more times than not, I want color..

I’ll show you so some before and afters from a session last Fall in Bristol, VA of these little cuties.. I know their mom will be cool with me showing that.. she’s awesome like that..

it’s not bad.. the kids look awesome.. but.. it needs a smidge more snappiness.. so that’s what I did..

brightened the exposure a bit.. because, like I have said before.. I tend to underexpose a bit.. and sharpen it just a bit.. i do that to every image.. and a little snappiness to the color.. a slight boost..

the vignette the image had naturally came out more when I boosted the colors a bit.. i love how it turned out..

Then this one.. the girls sitting chatting.. all kinds of stuff in the background.. so i had to “erase” it.. and then do the same basic edits I did to the image above

and the result is great..

finally this little one.. she’s a firecracker.. i mean.. she makes me earn every single PENNY.. and this image was from the beginning of the session.. she was just being a turkey.. and she was every so slightly out of focus..

in fact.. i was still testing my lighting and settings.. it takes me like 5 shots to dial it all in.. so this was really a throw away shot..

just a those three basic edits I do on every image.. bump the exposure a bit.. boost the color.. and sharpen..

isn’t the color just so yummy???

when you are hiring a photographer.. pay attention to the way they edit.. because THAT is part of what you are buying.. if you hire me, you’ll get color.. some black and white.. but true color.. if you want a different feel to your images, make sure you hire someone who edits that way.. it’s a whole feeling .. a look .. make sure it is what you want!

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learning with my little girls :: st johns photographer

I’ve set a few goals for myself work-wise this year.. the first thing is to GET MY CAMERA out more for ME.. the second.. to learn new things… new techniques..

tonight it was warm in the sunshine, so I got my youngest girls out and shot some images…

I thought I’d share the Straight Out Of the Camera (SOOC – in case you didn’t know that, because I didn’t for a long time.. I also didn’t know you could tear one banana off a bunch and buy it on its own until I was 29.. I would search for banana bunches of 3 – so maybe I’m the slow one)… so I’ll share the SOOC image and then the one I’ve edited.. Each session I do, I edit each file individually.. many photographers edit them all the exact same.. which is DEFINITELY a time savor, but it just isn’t the way I do it..

so.. first off.. my Emily…

if you look closely, there is Peanut Butter on her chin.. the image is a tad underexposed – I typically shoot this way.. I don’t remove freckles or anything that is part of who they are.. but I will take of bumps/pimples/scrapes..

so i upped the exposure slightly, did a little tweak to pop the image a bit.. and then sharpened it ever so slightly.. took the PB off, and a little blemish on her forehead..


It is her.. but just a tiny bit snappier..

sometimes you get an image that doesn’t really technically pass the test..

sunflare all over the place because I didn’t have the lens hood on.. it’s hazy.. but they were having fun and didn’t expect me to take a picture.. and.. if this had been a client, the next shot in the sequence would be the one I would would have shown them.. but I love the way Millie’s hair is highlighted.. and emily’s sweet face … it’s just them.. Emily the zen.. Millie Karate kid..

and i really didn’t do much of anything to it..

if I had batched edited the whole gallery, this would have ended up over processed and lost some of it’s haze.. and really, that’s what I love about it.. it’s like they are in their own little world..

and finally.. this one of the two

this is when they first sat down.. i was finding the right angle and trying to get my 5 year old not to CHEESE it up..

so I don’t like the background.. don’t like seeing the stuff all around them.. I wanted it to be about the two of them..

and i think in BW it does.. it kind of makes you notice just them..

now to make dinner for these people…

all edited in Photoshop.. very subtle tweaks..

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2019 Pricing

Pricing is a tricky thing.. what to offer is a tricky thing..

I believe my clients should have prints.. canvases.. .not just files..

So for 2019 I’m doing things a bit differently.

Every session will come with PRINTS and DIGITAL files.. Travel sessions, local sessions, newborns, seniors, families.. all of them.. and PROOFS!!! our kids need to see the pictures on the walls and in albums..

Full Sessions $800 + tax.. With this session we will start out at your home and then move outside, or to another location, or some sort of activity… you’ll get 1-2 hours of session time. If you don’t want to start out in your home, that is fine.. we will come up with something familiar for your family.. after your session, you’ll get a set of proofs, an online gallery, we will meet for an ordering session where you can use your $400 print credit toward prints, canvases and some other items. You will also get ALL of your digital images. If you need help hanging any of your new choices – no worries – we will help you with that too! (typically 70+ images…)

Half Sessions $500 + tax.. With this session we will start out at your home or some other place that you choose. These sessions usually take 30-45 minutes.. You’ll get a set of proofs, $200 print credit and 10 of your favorite digital images. (typically 30-40 images to choose from)

Senior and Newborn Sessions $500 + tax.. These sessions can take a bit longer (2 hours or more) and vary on locations. You will get a $200 print credit, 10 of your favorite digital images, and 48 custom announcements. (typically 20-30 images to choose from)

Newborn to One Year $1500 + tax.. This package consists of 3 milestone sessions and a family session. so FOUR sessions total. A newborn, another when the babe is sitting and then at one year. A family photo session is also included to be used during the 18-24 month time frame. The newborn session includes 24 custom birth announcements. All of these sessions include $200 print credit and 10 digital images and proofs from each session. At the end of the first year, we will also choose images for your custom baby’s first year album.

Weddings – Generally, I do not do wedding photography.. VERY rarely, a very special couple comes to me and talk me into photographing their wedding.. Wedding photography – for very small, intimate weddings begins at $1500.

ALL sessions require a $250 non-refundable deposit that will be applied to your session fee. Family sessions are for up to 5 family members. Additional family members are $100 per person.

Please email with any questions!

Hoping this fits what my clients want!

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wee little Mae and Piper…. {st. johns studio mini sessions}

it has been a while since I’ve had wee little babes in front of my camera..

honestly, this age is a favorite… just before they are mobile – when they are sitting up and have wonderful little personalities.. and these two were perfect little models for me a couple weeks ago..

These two came over…. Mae and Piper.. and Mae’s mom, Becky..

we took pics of Mae first because Miss Piper is a little more curious and was quite unsure of me at the beginning..

and.. then.. it turned out Miss Mae.. well, she had reservations too..

but… i love that shot.. her rolls.. and her little thoughts just obviously going through her mind..

“what is going on?  who is this lady?  WHY IS SHE SO LOUD??”

and then.. we clicked.. and she totally got me..

I loved her little full body smile..

while Miss Mae did a quick wardrobe change, Miss Piper got her turn.. and guess.. what.. clearly, she heard good things about me.. and she was on her game right away..

Piper is very curious.. every sound.. every movement – she was on it!.. she was so chill and calm..

with gorgeous little eyelashes….

then i told her to look to her left.. and gaze outside..

no… ok.. not really..  there was movement outside.. and Miss Piper HAD to see what was going on!

Mae was ready to go again.. We took a few more pictures..

and.. then..

she’d had enough.. but oh.. man.. i love her little expressions!!!

and her little TOES!!

I have a few more to share with their moms later..  so glad they stopped over!

Jessica… a mini session just for her.. {St. Johns Photographer}

Jessica found me on Facebook and booked a mini session last weekend.  Most of the time I shoot families.. or couples.. sometimes Seniors..

she wanted a session of just her..  i was super excited about that..  something a bit different…

Honestly, I am not sure I’ve had this much creative fun in such a short time in a long time.

Jessica had a real ease about her – she’s very easy to talk to – very open.. and just well, she’s just lovely.

She took direction like a pro.. and didn’t think I was crazy when I had her walk around my house as I directed her…

LOVE this in Black and White.. she’s stunning..

she didn’t even think I was crazy when i said.. we are going to use the dapply light and my pink walls..

and I’m so glad she trusted me.. not only just to book off of Facebook, but especially with the lighting and background choices..

That last one is GORGEOUS.. it’s like… one of my favorite images.. EVER..

Thanks Jess!  I’ll finish up your mini gallery shortly!!