about me

i’m a southern girl living in kansas originally from michigan.

i’m a gal with a degree in biology and chemistry who worked in sales and never thought she wanted kids and was certain she would fail at marriage.

i’m a mom of four kids.  i’ve been married to my husband for 14 years.  i quite love my life.

i don’t sugar-coat my life.  it is what it is.  i share the good things, the stupid things and yeah – the not great things.

as for the pictures found here – well, that is my big outlet.  i found photography a bit in college, but it didn’t fit in to what i thought my life was – so i never pursued it any further.  after having our first kid, i was no longer working and needed an outlet outside of my son and obsessing about the house being perfect.  something for me.  i got a camera… got out some old pieces of camera equipment we had and devoured everything i could read.  i studied and practiced and learned and grew.  finally, four years later, i wanted new gear and i couldn’t afford it, so i started photographing kids and families.. and people paid me.. and i LOVED it..

so on this site you’ll find things about my wonderful clients, my family, and sometimes just me.