anyone else go a little crazy when trapped inside for days?


the Wednesday before Thanksgiving our youngest, Millie.. aka babykid.. had her tonsils removed.. she’s 3 1/2.. yes.. it’s young.. she also had her THIRD set of tubes placed.. adenoids were removed in March… she’s just THAT kid.

things well nice and smoothly this time… AND husband Tom was in town!!


honestly she did great…. until she had to wake up.. we’ve been through this with her.. but this was bad.. they actually knocked her back out.. she pulled her IV.. blood..

just not fun..

but then..

the calm after the storm


and we cuddled for about an hour.. until we got the thumbs up..

from her..


her recovery went well..

but have you ever been locked inside a house with a kid for 6 days?  and you start thinking crazy.. and then you see..


and you take all four of your kids.. including the one still on mild narcotics to the humane society..

WHAT THE HELL?????  was i thinking.. ??


that is Emily holding the pup..

and then Abby…


and then me.


and we all fell in love with her.. Miss Wednesday..


a little spoiled.. incredibly cuddly and 4 months old.. she’s doing great.. and not one accident..

while it was not the IDEAL time to get a pup, she’s pretty fantastic..

ALTHOUGH.. i didn’t reallllly think things through – it’s supposed to be in the 20’s this week.. and i despise the cold..

things are getting back to normal..

appropriate attire for Vet office..


they are buddies


finally this morning.. 12 days after surgery, she was ready to go back to school…



her seat belt was cold.. and she generally was a bit mad at the world because she couldn’t have popsicles for breakfast.

the pup has had a lovely morning..

wish us luck!

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