Mister Maverick.. a newborn session from my Virginia trip..


Earlier this month, my nine-year-old daughter and I flew to Virginia for a super quick photo session trip.  The initial reason for the trip was this little lad, Maverick.  Megan (and husband Josh) asked if I would come out to take pictures of the baby – I said “OF COURSE!”… (didn’t think through the fact that – oh.. it’s end of school year, house is up for sale.. minor details!!!  that made for the shortest trip!!)

Miss Megan (as she will forever be called in our house) is basically family to us.. she was our daughter’s first preschool teacher.. Emily was 2 1/2… when we moved to Kansas – Emily was 3 and we have remained friends/family for the last 6 years…  i was lucky enough to take their engagement pictures in Charleston and then photograph their wedding in Virginia later.  So… i mean, I HAD to take pics of them as a little family.. no way I’d miss it…

Emily and I flew in and made our way to their house.. … and.. oh.. man.. instant love.. he’s perfect.. they are perfect.. their dog.. well, is a bit confused at no longer being the center of attention.

little man was dressed in his best.. so tiny.. so squishy.. so cute..

and cuddly…


snuggly.. cuddly..

(i love this of Megan..)


he looks so much like his daddy


then we decided to get some pics of just his itty bittyness..


see that cute lil blue cap he has on there??  WELL.. their amazing photographer.. purchased it for their future baby… on their wedding day.. AT their wedding venue.. and kept it for a YEAR.. and didn’t lose it!  and mailed it to them for CHRISTMAS..  yeup.. pretty cool if I do say so myself..

then.. he decided.. awake was a better way to keep an eye on me..


so we let him guide the session…


and we sat there and watched him.. and laughed at him.. i love this – this is what so much of newborn parent hood is.. sitting.. holding.. laughing.. making your baby do crazy arm movements and smooshing their little faces.. and laughing.. together.. because you are exhausted.. and suddenly – it’s no longer about you.. it’s ALL about this little tiny, squeaky, piece of heaven..


and although he has only been with you for a couple weeks, you can’t even think back to life before him..

and you are a family..


and i’m so very happy i got to capture all this newness..



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