Molly and Will..


this was another session in the photographer’s dream building (817 State Street – on the Virginia side).. from my trip last month

and.. this was a dream brother/sister combo..

 Mr. Will and my son Cooper were in Kindergarten together back in the day.. with the best teacher EVER, Mrs. Burke..

their mom, Melissa, messaged me when I was setting up the sessions – I haven’t really kept in touch with her – but I LOVED their family when we lived in Virginia.. Melissa was always.. always so nice and funny.. and happy.. and Will was the sweetest most polite little boy.. his little sister, Molly, was just a little toddler when we moved.. i remember her adorableness was palpable.  she has the same little face and gorgeous hair/eye combo.. i’ve always wanted one of mine to have that combo.. but noooooo..

well… timing worked out perfectly this time..

when they arrived..

i about died..

Molly.. not a toddler..


i mean.. it HAD been 6 years!

this child if FULL of personality.. she did tell me she occasionally gets in a bit of trouble talking in class.. to her buddies..


after spending a bit of time laughing with her.. i do not doubt she may be a talker..

brother Will.. at first.. seems all quiet.. but ya know what.. it’s just manners..


he too was full of information!!  and remembered so much about my Cooper.. it was so sweet..

he’s going to do great things,that Will..


i can only imagine how much fun this family of four has together.. the kids seem to genuinely like each other..


I’m so very glad I got to see them.. even if it reminded me how much my babes have grown..


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