mr. nash and his mom and dad


so.. you know how i take pictures.. it’s my thing.. well.. i have some crazy issues in my neck sometimes from all the computer work..  which lead me to go see this Chiropractor that my dear trusted friend recommended.  i was skeptical, but in some serious pain.

that Chiropractor was this little dude’s dad to be… Dr. Chris..  I met his wonderful fiancée, Sara, a while later when she helped one of my daughters recover from an injury from playing with her brother.. Sara, also a Chiropractor, fixed her and I’ve been a huge fan since the moment I met her.  In all, 5/6th of my family have seen one of these Docs.. from sprained wrists and pulled ankle muscles (yeah, i don’t know the correct terms) – the Doctors have helped us out a lot..

if you know Chris, you know he’s – well.. honestly – he’s just a great guy.  he’s also funny as hell.. and puts up with my occasional swearing and my children asking numerous questions.. i remember my reaction when he told me with anxious excitement that he and Sara were expecting a baby.. i LAUGHED.. not AT him .. well, OK.. AT him.. ya see, we have four kids and that fourth one has about killed me.. there is nooooo way i could handle a newborn.. to know that someone incredibly capable of this task was about to have his world ROCKED by this tiny little person – well.. i was so excited to be his patient for the next 10 years so I can hear stories.. because.. it will be awesome.

fast forward 6 or 7 or so months.. and we have this guy..

this little bit of perfectness is Nash.

he made his first appearance ooooooh about 5 weeks early..


when i met him on this particular Sunday – he was 3 weeks old… and still just a wee 5+ pounds..

3 weeks old and not even 6 pounds..

i honestly, was afraid to pick him up..


it’s so amazing – he was born so early.. so tiny.. and he’s fine.. and chill


well.. with the two of them – he has quite a bit of little dude strength…


so.. yeah.. he’s the tiniest baby I’ve every photographed.. but not at all a newborn either..

 Chris as a dad.. well.. that is really the sweetest thing..


and then to see them as a little tiny brand new (okay.. three week old) family.. well, yeah.. just perfect.


their pup… aka Murphdog, wasn’t far away at any time..  he kept a close watch on Nash.. and Sara..


i’m telling you – he’s the most alert little dude.. cute and deceptively tiny.. he’s going to be pulling up and climbing things like they never dreamed..


you can really see how tiny he is below..

those knee rolls!!!


itty.. bitty.. preemie diapers..

i just love this next one of him.. his hair looks styled.. he’s totally mesmerized by the noise my camera is making…


love this one of the three..


i mean i love that one..

and then at the very end.. we tried to get him to get snoozy and sleepy.. but he really wasn’t having it..

and i know no one wants to see a picture of a crying babe.. but.. i mean.. i just love that picture..


the sweet shirt.. and the yellow blanket was Chris’s.

They were maybe the most laid back parents I’ve ever photographed.. and you can see it in the way they hold their hands with him.. there isn’t really any tension in it.. i really enjoyed watching them as parents.. (if you know me.. i’m like the OPPOSITE of this).. and they are incredibly attentive.. but not panicked.. almost as if they’ve been doing this for a year or so..


and i’m ever so grateful they allowed me to come into their home.. and hang out with them for a couple hours..

i’m trying to get that 4th kid of mine healthy again – but I’m glad I got a little peek up for them finally!

BEFORE he reaches his actual Due Date!

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    These are wonderful and beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!

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