Our Family Pictures..


Each year.. like many moms.. i want some decent family pictures.. a huge bonus – me in at least one..

i didn’t want old buildings, or grungy walls, or nature, or anything that I’d done before.. i wanted more structured.. i just couldn’t find it..

and then.. one night.. we headed to a basketball game at WSU and had to park in a cemetery and there it was!!  the perfect backdrop..

so.. the next morning I got our clothes around.. got the babykid down for a nap (in hopes of the best attitude possible).. and we headed out..

wait.. it soooo isn’t that easy.. we have THREE girls.. three.. heads of hair.. plus – I suddenly look and feel 40.. i wasn’t actually super excited to be in the picture – BUT IT IS IMPORTANT!!!

and the 13 year old boy.. let’s not forget him.. he is a great kid.. but not many boys enjoy family photo time.

but we did it.. with only one in tears..

let’s start with Emily.. our (as of tomorrow ) NINE year old!!!


she is sweet and spunky and has a wonderful smile that totally lights up a room..

the kids were joking around and struck a pose I was hoping I could find the old picture to match.. and i did.. it was from the Biltmore just before we moved back to Kansas in 2011… they’ve changed so much…


so we had to add millie.. and it’s the cheesiest picture i’ve ever taken.. and i love it..


cooper kept asking to take some pictures of just him and millie.. as i’ve said before, my #1 worry when I was pregnant with her was that she wouldn’t have a relationship with Cooper.. he’s 10 years older.. but he loves her.. and she him..


millie was finally ready for a picture or two on her own.. okay.. ONE .. one snap.. and she was done..


and then daddy had this idea.. the sun was soooo warm on this side of the building.. but it’s still cute!


and i love this.. it’s so each of their little personalities..


and then we added Cooper..  and .. dude…


when i see them.. i think.. i have FOUR kids.. four.. like.. ALL THE TIME..

some abby and millie hugs..


and then pretty abby..


handsome Cooper… now taller than i am.. by a lot..


then emily and cooper wanted some pictures..

emily is tiny.. thin.. and cooper isn’t ..  they constantly hang out together.. i mean.. i swear.. my kids do not fight.. they really hang out well together.. not everyday is perfect.. but they like each other..


and this is completely all Cooper and Emily right here..


physical and laughing… many times emily ends up with a crooked neck from jumping out at him.. but they laugh.. and pester a bit..

then there is Millie.. our babykid.. she is hot.. cold.. hot.. cold..

and she turned cold.. so daddy tried to get her in a better mood.


and it didn’t really work quickly.. so the big kids were playing ..


and then Abby took my camera..

oh.. look… i made a picture..


and tom took one.. it was PAINFUL.. omg.. such fake smiles..

oh well.. proof.. that i have four..


then a little more fun with millie.. and my old wrists.. WTH!!!???


then i grabbed my camera back.. and took a pretty one of abby..


and Cooper entertaining the mini


then Abby wanted to take a picture of tom and me.. well.. Millie sensed something was going on with out her and she snuck in..


then we tried the group..


i mean..




finally i was like LET’s JUST SIT DOWN..

and you can see by the look of slight disdain on my face.. Millie was DONE!!!!


so i sent her away.. well.. just to the end.. and you can see.. she was not to happy about it..

full on pouting..


POUTING… big fat lower lip.. poor Emily sitting there with no one to cuddle on..


and then.. i had a moment of brilliance..


each kid got the “clicker”.. the camera remote..


for a series of shots.. it meant we took many more.. BUT.. we got all the kids to engage!!!.. HOLLA!!!!!


that one right there is my favorite.. millie looking at me like.. “you KNOW i am in charge of alllll of this, right”..

that kid..

anyway.. it ended in our Christmas Card this year.

goodnightfront goodnightback

i was totally happy with the results..

as painful as it can be see yourself in pictures

get in the picture..

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  1. Karen says: Reply

    Oh my goodness, I love, love these. The joy, happiness, and fun are contagious.

  2. Anonymous says: Reply

    All of these r wonderful! U have a beautiful family! I miss all of ur “in person” faces!!

  3. Sara jane says: Reply

    All of these r wonderful! U have a beautiful family! I miss all of ur “in person” faces!!

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