Ryan and Aiden… super sweet brothers..


 really had fun messing with these two.. i’ve known them since just before Aiden was born.. I moved away from Bristol about 6 years ago, but I have loved seeing these two grow up through the magic of social media.. I’ve photographed them once or twice since I moved away – so I was excited to see how much they’ve grown and changed since the last time.. PLUS i know their friend’s moms and their little best friends.. so it was so much fun surprising them with knowledge of their lives and seeing it on their faces..

FIRST though.. i will be thanking Doug Moore for months.. he let me use his awesome new event space to use as my home base for my mini sessions this trip.. i could not have dreamed of a better space.. the natural light was perfect.. the textures and details were a photogs dream.. 817 State Street on the VA side.. oh .. my… gosh.. dudes, i will be set up there again if he lets me!

okay.. back to these guys..

so… i can not ever stick to my “10-15” files for mini sessions.. even when i only spend 10-15 minutes with the kids.. these guys were so much fun and soooo easy.. here are a few of my favorites..

let’s start with Mr. Aiden…


i mean… really.. he was a dream model..


talkative.. and cooperative


and then i grabbed Ryan..


who is equally as talkative.. (and POSSIBLY talks a bit much with friend Brayden)


but has a really serious side to him..


and looks so much like his dad it kills me!

getting two brothers together is not always this easy.. but these two.. they were i mean.. perfect for me..


possibly because i talk more than they do.. and am a bit sillier than they are.. and know the little girls names they have crushes on..


and i use it against them to get reactions..

like this..


hope you love your peek!!!  and I’ll finish up the rest super soon!!!

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