starting over..

what does a girl do when her old blog.. from the past 6 years breaks?  hundreds of posts of client sessions, posts about my kids..  well, this girl tried to fix it…

and failed.

and broke it more.. to the point it is gone..

i started my business in 2006..

everything.. gone

the “hello world!”  is the “hey you have a new wordpress site” default thing


i sat back.. and while i was a bit sad that it is all gone.. there isn’t a thing i can do about it..

years.. of building a business..

years of my kids.. growing… us moving across the country..

years of me traveling to continue my business.

adding a new kid..

i have to start over.. and that is a bit freeing.  so i’m going to go back to what i like to do..

i like to write and take pictures.. and put it out there.. i should say “write” – excuse the horrible grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and possibly even spelling errors…

some iphone pics.. some real camera pics..

i had stopped doing it so much because my old blog wasn’t working properly and I tried to use the new one that came with my photography website – but it is difficult to use.  I had also stopped because i did share so much randomness on facebook where a lot of my family and friends hang out.. but.. DUDE.. that place is MEAN… and honestly, i don’t do that.. i can’t have that.. so here, on my little newly fixed blog, I’m going to get back to that..

and as i sit here.. trying to think.. this kid is staring at me.. asking me to put on a pretty dress and play a game with her..


there are a few posts on my website under the posts tabs while i was hoping my old blogsite would revive itself.. ( )


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