three brothers and a mom with an awesome sense of humor :: Irik, Oscar, Neil and Stephanie


back about February of this year, I met this family’s Grandmother – Lisa.. fast forward to November and that Grandmother found us a PINK house.. in a wonderful neighborhood.. in our desired school district.. and we LOVE it.. did I mention it is a PINK house??  we would have NEVER looked at it had she not known the area and suggested it.. so.. here i sit. in FLORIDA in my PINK house.. editing pictures of her grandbabies!

my VERY first Florida client happened to be her daughter, Stephanie.  I knew in February that Stephanie was pregnant with her 3rd child.. I don’t know if I realized it was going to be their 3rd boy… a lot of boys scares me – as a mom… and.. a bit as a photographer.. so the other day when they contacted me to see if I had time to fit in a reallllly last minute photo session – I felt totally honored that they would ask me.. it’s a big deal to ask someone you realllly don’t know to do your family pictures..

we decided on a park close to home – the sunlight is GONE by 5:30 right now.. and we had to get this in!

after being in Kansas and flying back East to do sessions for the past 6 years, I’m just loving all the gorgeous areas to take pictures near our house.. this place, Alpine Groves Park is super close..

The boys arrived..

I instantly fell in love with Stephanie’s – well, shall we say.. cool love of science.. (i’m guessing there).. i have to be right though.. because.. DUDE.. the boys had t-shirts (she made.. because.. yeah.. she’s creative apparently – i’m NOT).. well, they were like little periodic table shirts.. and me with my biology and chemistry background – i wanted one of my own!!!!…

okay.. it’s about them.. not me..

i was NEVER as laid back as this awesome mom is..  she’s incredible..


she happily sat down on the ground with the boys.. let me set her little 6 month old Neil on the ground..

the big boys.. not a problem.. baby Neil.. however.. not such a fan of Nicholle..


i mean.. baby Neil didn’t scream when i was around.. but i could tell normally he is a happy easy going baby.. but nope.. not loving Nicholle.. i think my loudness may have been too much for him..

now .. Irik.. the oldest.. he and I did just fine..


would he tell me what he wanted for Christmas.. nope.. ??  but.. he talked a bunch and we hit it off pretty well!

he’s thoughtful.. and really loves his baby brother..

on to Oscar.. middle Oscar.. oh.. man..

he could be my BFF.. he loved my coolio minivan.. and thought a couple of my jokes were awesome..


he’s incredibly sweet.. and a great listener…

then.. little man Neil.. well.. just look..


his smile pretty much lights up the entire world..

(you can see their awesome shirts.. oh.. man)

unfortunately, Neil only flashed his shiny gums for me like 5 times.. like.. exactly 5 times.. kinda hurt my ego.

wardrobe change.. boys got to be boys for a minute.. while baby Neil was fighting getting changed..


Oscar turned the Charm on for me for a minute…




he was DONE..

Neil was DONE..

Irik.. was on the “okay.. what the heck do i need to do to get out of here??”


honestly.. these boys were wonderfully well behaved handsome little dudes.

straight after school.. very warm.. random loud photographer person in their face..

a huge thank you to Stephanie and the boys amazing Nanny for trusting me with the boys..

that little Neil is the most snuggly little guy.. it was nice stealing some baby snuggles..

hope you like the peek!  I’m finishing them up tonight!!!!

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