Monday Learnin’ :: aperture

Last weekend we took the afternoon and went with Tom’s parents to Ravine State Park in Palatka.. The azaleas were in bloom..

my favorite are white ones.. and I didn’t see one.. maybe those are not wild ones.. I need to research that a bit.. at the top of the ravine by the amphitheater I did spy these pretties..

my little 11 year old, Emily, spied them first.

I don’t know why I didn’t let the girls bring my back up camera and take pictures with that! They are both loving discovering photography.

Emily loves wild flowers like I do.. basically weeds.. BUT… i love them.. so emily and I kept finding gorgeous little specimens.. I just love how any moment outside can be a little teaching moment.. so we turned this in to a lesson on “getting that blurry background”

so we started crouched down on the ground.. about a foot from the “flower”.. that is important – being CLOSE to it.. especially if you have a kit lens – ya know.. that lens that comes with the camera..

so see.. pretty flower.. but it’s kind of hard to actually see it..

We were shooting in Aperture Priority.. FLASH OFF!!!! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY.. TURN YOUR FLASH OFF!!!

Started at f/10.. focused on the flower..

see how most of the background is fairly blurry, but you can still see a lot of detail..

then we changed to f/4

and here the background is WAY more blurred.. BUT.. that lens will go to f/2.8..

so.. there ya go.. same shot.. with 3 different Apertures.. it is a fun way to learn to nail your focus (you have to get consistent with that).. and learn to slowly start getting a grip on Aperture..

check back next monday for some more tips.. tricks… ideas.. and let me know if there is anything you might like to learn about.