My kid probably won’t get in to an Ivy League.. but dang it, she will have earned her accomplishments in life :: northeast florida photographer trying to raise decent kids

today’s Celebrity College Cheating scandal made my jaw drop.. As a Parent.. sure.. i want my kid to accomplish things.. but what the heck?? this is more than just cheating..

my Abby… she’s in 7th Grade.. she’s always been a great student… if she’s struggling with something, she studies – HARD.. I’ve never been a parent who demands All A’s, but if you get a C, you better have worked your butt off for that C..

Abby’s never even had a B..

THIS YEAR… her Algebra class… I met Mr. Floyd (name changed to not completely badmouth the man).. nice enough.. seemed super excited to teach.. she was SAILING through it.. I remember her older brother struggling a bit with it at times.. Abby not even a question on homework.. heck.. she never HAD homework.. she had a 99 in the class.. she said to me a couple times, she wasn’t sure she was really learning anything.. i laughed it off, “damn.. she IS smart”

well Midterms came.. she came home in TEARS… “mom.. i didn’t know ANYTHING on the midterm”… What? that can’t be… you are probably just worked up about it..

Christmas Break.. came and went.. kids went back to school.. Abby came home “mom… Mr. Floyd.. QUIT…”.. uh.. what?

yep.. Mr. Floyd quit.. why you ask? he wasn’t teaching the kids… sure.. some basic things.. but not what they were SUPPOSED to be learning for the standards in Florida (or I’m sure ANYWHERE).. so.. this midterm was not one of HIS tests, it was the district test.. and all of his students FAILED..

the administration had no way of knowing really until then.. He SAID he was teaching them what all the other Algebras were teaching.. but he wasn’t.. he SAID they were all doing great.. they were not.. they hadn’t really learned ANYTHING..

y’all this was the end of January.. i cried.. when i realized this.. i cried.. for those kids.. these are kids who LOVE MATH … who love to learn.. and HE FAILED THEM.. and then QUIT!.. he didn’t have the decency to say “i’m sorry.. let’s get through this”.. months with these kids.. LYING to them.. to the administration..

so.. abby – and all the classes he taught are having to work their tails off.. they had never even been given a syllabus.. or an outline.. or homework..

it has been a STRUGGLE.. FIVE MONTHS of learning Algebra to catch up on!!! The Math department has really come together to support these kids.. Abby is putting in HOURS of work..

this is the note my daughter wrote to the AMAZING substitute she’s had since January.. Mrs. P’s last day was yesterday..

my kid.. thanking someone for making her work her tail off to EARN her grade..

and she has a freaking B.. that she has worked for.. and she’s so proud of it.. and.. i didn’t fix it for her.. she DID it..

she has EARNED that B and has probably learned more life lessons this year than I will realize..

Bless all you teachers who try to teach our kids respect, kindness, ethics, integrity… and I’ll say a little prayer for all of the parents working against you.

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    Very proud of Abby.ReplyCancel