Monday Learnin’ :: aperture

Last weekend we took the afternoon and went with Tom’s parents to Ravine State Park in Palatka.. The azaleas were in bloom..

my favorite are white ones.. and I didn’t see one.. maybe those are not wild ones.. I need to research that a bit.. at the top of the ravine by the amphitheater I did spy these pretties..

my little 11 year old, Emily, spied them first.

I don’t know why I didn’t let the girls bring my back up camera and take pictures with that! They are both loving discovering photography.

Emily loves wild flowers like I do.. basically weeds.. BUT… i love them.. so emily and I kept finding gorgeous little specimens.. I just love how any moment outside can be a little teaching moment.. so we turned this in to a lesson on “getting that blurry background”

so we started crouched down on the ground.. about a foot from the “flower”.. that is important – being CLOSE to it.. especially if you have a kit lens – ya know.. that lens that comes with the camera..

so see.. pretty flower.. but it’s kind of hard to actually see it..

We were shooting in Aperture Priority.. FLASH OFF!!!! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY.. TURN YOUR FLASH OFF!!!

Started at f/10.. focused on the flower..

see how most of the background is fairly blurry, but you can still see a lot of detail..

then we changed to f/4

and here the background is WAY more blurred.. BUT.. that lens will go to f/2.8..

so.. there ya go.. same shot.. with 3 different Apertures.. it is a fun way to learn to nail your focus (you have to get consistent with that).. and learn to slowly start getting a grip on Aperture..

check back next monday for some more tips.. tricks… ideas.. and let me know if there is anything you might like to learn about.

fernandina beach :: just me

I love going to the beach.. WITH OUT MY KIDS..

there.. i said it..

no complaints about sand in the wrong places.. no one stepping on ouchie things.. no one hungry.. no one throwing sand.. AND I CAN TAKE MY CAMERA..

this is such a nice thing.. i don’t take my camera when i take the kids to the beach.. generally it is just me and the kids when we go.. and ya know.. i should be paying attention to them.. hanging out with them.. all that.. and having my camera gear there for water to damage – or ya know.. someone to grab.. well.. I just can’t take the chance.

Today was the first time I took my camera to the beach.. I don’t know why I didn’t before .. we’ve lived her over a year.. I think part of me was scared to try something new.. I KNOW I can take great pics of architecture and walls and greenery.. but the beach.. well.. it’s just new..

I pulled off on Fernandina Beach Public Beach access #35.. because I’m cool like that.. parked my old ass Land Rover by itself.. and got my gear ready..

but first.. a selfie.. kinda..

I had exactly 18 minutes to enjoy.. and.. there was a bit of a storm headed in..

i think my depth of field shouldn’t have been so shallow, but I was certain a snake was going to crawl up behind me, so i only took one shot and moved on over the dune and down to the beach

I immediately found this little beauty.. (also.. nails need attention.. shhhhh)

I’ll show before and after edits at the end..

you can see how moody the sky was getting in a couple of these

seriously… dang kids.. i could have hung out here all day.. the tide was coming back in and shortly it would have been a totally different beach..

well.. a tornado watch was issued shortly after I left too.. so nevermind..

okay.. as promised.. before and afters..

honestly.. this one above.. i think i liked it better before i edited it.. maybe just a bit more exposure would have been perfect.

i totally think i should offer BEACH walk and learn workshops!!! anyone might be interested in those?

working mom :: kindof

the whole idea of getting married and having kids was never my “perfect picture of happiness” growing up.. I wasn’t that girl who dreamed of a bunch of kids and making dinner each night and having primary colored huge kid stuff all over the house..

like.. not at all..

I NEVER in any of my “this is me in 10 years” thought of myself as a stay at home mom.. or hell, even a mom.. or really.. a wife..

I’d always.. always wanted to have a career.. where I was earning good money.. buying my own things.. taking little trips.. taking big trips.. visiting my brother and his kids.. my parents.. honestly, it never really even included anyone.. just me..

but.. here I sit.. at a cozy little Coffee Wine Bar and Bisto, Pozzi in Fernandina Beach.. having a bloody mary at 10 in the morning doing some work..

After my husband of 16ish years kissed me (despite me being a total bitch and throwing a mild temper tantrum last night).. After I’ve dropped my FOUR kids off at school.. and drove aimlessly toward a bit of sunshine I saw over at the beach..

my house far from perfect.. I mean.. my house is freaking PINK.. my bathrooms are in desperate need of remodeling.. as is my kitchen.. I broke down in near tears because I want to start on our pool, but we still can’t.. $$$ (temper tantrum from last night)

It’s a crazy thing isn’t it.. as we grow in our life.. how our lives change.. how we have to adapt.. to change with it.. I am no longer the mom with diaper bags and strollers.. I’m the mom making college visit appointments… and dropping her middle schooler off for events… I still picture myself the young mom..

and then Luke Perry has a freaking stroke and I realize .. SHIT…I AM that mom.. that older mom..

but.. again.. here I sit.. sipping my Bloody Mary.. working.. going to stop and take some pictures at the Beach on my way home.. for WORK.. I NEVER would have stepped out in to this photography thing if not for my husband.. EVER

Plans are great and all.. but the only things about that girl I was that I still recognize.. we both like to have an adult beverage, cuss a bit, and we feel cutest in White T-shirt and jeans..

I’m so looking forward to working again.. and.. writing and sharing and venting about my life, photography, kids, husband.. and all the beauty that surrounds me in Northeast Florida..

Framed.. finally

I’ve really been struggling with printing my OWN images. Honestly, my 4th kid doesn’t have many pictures of her in the house at all.

That is the main reason I changed my pricing structure.. And after talking to some of my clients who have purchased the digital option from me – they aren’t printing much either! SO.. now all my packages come with at lease $200 in print credits..

okay.. back to MY wall.. my huge, empty, wall.. I knew I wanted crisp and clean and something I could change out.. so when the kids were on Christmas break I thought it would be an awesome idea to take them to IKEA and walk through the Labrinth that is IKEA.. HOLY… I should have asked for prayers… FOUR kids.. me..

FOUR.. KIDS.. on vacation.. and me..

well I found exactly what I wanted.. y’all.. they were $15 each.. the Ribba frame.. these are (here.. ) those might be the black ones.. but ya get the idea..

they are kind of a pain.. you have to pull the protective coating off the plexi.. and then bend all the little tabs and stuff.. but .. they are very cost effective.. okay.. okay.. cheap.. and i wanted something I can update often..

so.. husband, Tom, had his mission

did i mention he is an engineer? and measures and doesn’t put 198 nails in the wall.. it’s amazing.. (he has house shoes.. outdoor shoes are not allowed in the house.. and especially not ON the furniture)

for about a month, this is what was up on the wall.. i was pretty happy with it! the frames are 20″ x 20″..

I couldn’t decided on images for the frames.. finally Tom said, “just order some prints.. you can change them anytime!” oh.. yeah.. true..

i totally need to replace some, but this is what I ordered.. and then i started to hang them.. and i realized.. i do not like the reflection of the plexi..

so i just took it out..

it’s a huge wall and a huge installation of frames and prints.. and i love the way it turned out..

and yeup.. if you hire me, and we order prints and you want them hung – we will totally do that for you.. at no extra charge

8 Ribba frames at $15 each = $120

8 12×12 prints at $70 each = $560

(plus sales tax)

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More Befores and Afters… :: Northeast Florida Photographer

It’s trendy to make people all peachy colored and mute the pictures.. that’s just not my style.. it’s beautiful.. don’t get me wrong. .but.. in 10 years.. i want to look back and see the true color of my kids eyes/hair/shirt.. It totally has it’s place.. and sometimes, I feel like an image needs an edit like that.. or a black and white tone to it.. but more times than not, I want color..

I’ll show you so some before and afters from a session last Fall in Bristol, VA of these little cuties.. I know their mom will be cool with me showing that.. she’s awesome like that..

it’s not bad.. the kids look awesome.. but.. it needs a smidge more snappiness.. so that’s what I did..

brightened the exposure a bit.. because, like I have said before.. I tend to underexpose a bit.. and sharpen it just a bit.. i do that to every image.. and a little snappiness to the color.. a slight boost..

the vignette the image had naturally came out more when I boosted the colors a bit.. i love how it turned out..

Then this one.. the girls sitting chatting.. all kinds of stuff in the background.. so i had to “erase” it.. and then do the same basic edits I did to the image above

and the result is great..

finally this little one.. she’s a firecracker.. i mean.. she makes me earn every single PENNY.. and this image was from the beginning of the session.. she was just being a turkey.. and she was every so slightly out of focus..

in fact.. i was still testing my lighting and settings.. it takes me like 5 shots to dial it all in.. so this was really a throw away shot..

just a those three basic edits I do on every image.. bump the exposure a bit.. boost the color.. and sharpen..

isn’t the color just so yummy???

when you are hiring a photographer.. pay attention to the way they edit.. because THAT is part of what you are buying.. if you hire me, you’ll get color.. some black and white.. but true color.. if you want a different feel to your images, make sure you hire someone who edits that way.. it’s a whole feeling .. a look .. make sure it is what you want!